Advisor Inbound Marketing

Advisors and RIAs, Considering Inbound Marketing for 2018?  How To Get Off To A Fast Start Or To Increase Momentum . . . For Advisors Inbound Marketing may be a relatively late addition to the advisor marketing playbook, if you exclude a few marketing-led firms like Fisher Investments and Edelman Financial. What exactly is it?  The short […]

5 Steps to Take Your Financial Advisory Practice to the Next Level

The Case for Taking the Stairs to Move Your Financial Advisory Practice to the Next Level Suppose you are looking to propel your financial advisory practice to a resounding new level. Do you take the elevator or do you tackle the stairs? Can it be as easy as hurrying into an elevator, hitting a button, and riding […]

5 overlooked financial advisor growth strategies

5 Overlooked Strategies to Accelerate Your Growth In 2017 Find Your “Happy Place” By Acquiring More Ideal Clients By Bob Hanson For many, November and December is the Holiday Season. This is also the time of year to complete your growth plan for 2017. You may want to move away from marketing that’s haphazard and […]

6 Content Marketing Must-Haves for Financial Advisors’ Success

by Shirley Hanson There is no better place to start than with Seth Godin, “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” Our simple definition is: Content marketing is marketing that creates and shares content to attract and engage a chosen audience. Here’s the content marketing formula: Great Content Creates an Audience Your Audience Creates an […]

5 Simple Ways You Can Craft That Right Response-Producing Content Marketing Message

by Bob Hanson How can you stack the odds in your favor? How can you craft a message that “hits the right notes” with your target audience? Here’s your Road to the Right Message . . . #1 – Avoid Group Think Think about it. There are no committees in the Copywriting Hall of Fame […]

Financial Advisors, 6 Tips From Content Marketing For More Clients

6 Practice-Changing Tips To Unleash the Power of Content Marketing Content marketing can seem vague and elusive. You may be uncertain about how to get the most out of your content, perhaps a white paper, webinar, or newsletter. So exactly what is this thing called content marketing? Call it what you like, you can think […]

Advisors, Why Most Meeting Campaigns Fail

By Bob Hanson You may be attracting some good prospect referrals from clients and (Centers of Influence) COIs. And you would like to find a way to gain more just like them. Also, like many advisors, you may be converting a high percentage of these referrals to clients. At this point many advisors decide to […]

Financial Advisors, What Can You Learn From Barron’s “Top 100 Financial Advisors” List?”

No matter how much of your resources you invest in promoting your message, it will make little difference if you are only a me-too version of everyone else. Then, you will remain lost in that sea of look-alike financial advisory firms. How do you break out from the pack? How can you differentiate to attract […]

What Do Top-Growing Financial Advisory Practices Have in Common?

Here you’ll discover three surprising keys to having a practice with both Growth AND Income. For many, what will be unexpected is what you will NOT find in all these financial advisory practices. Top Growers are NOT necessarily specializing in one hot area such as retirement planning, focusing on a particular niche such as widows […]

Financial Advisors, How To Manage Volatility and Reduce Stress

What were financial advisors’ top concern in the second and third quarters of 2014? “Managing volatility,” according to a survey by Fidelity Advisor Investment Pulse. You may be encountering nervous clients now. More market jolts could be ahead because of economic uncertainty and unsettling global conflicts. What can you do to relieve stress and worry […]