Advisor Inbound Marketing

Advisors and RIAs, Considering Inbound Marketing for 2018?  How To Get Off To A Fast Start Or To Increase Momentum . . . For Advisors Inbound Marketing may be a relatively late addition to the advisor marketing playbook, if you exclude a few marketing-led firms like Fisher Investments and Edelman Financial. What exactly is it?  The short […]

How Greater Happiness Generates Higher Profitability for Top Advisors

by Shirley Hanson Picture this Stagnate and Unhappy Financial Advisory Practice When the markets stumble and stagger, your clients become fearful and take money out of the markets. A big client pulls his assets from you. You are adding only a sluggish trickle of new clients. You take what you can get, but few are […]

Your 4-Step Path to Social Media Success for Financial Advisors

We want to ensure that your encounters with social media become as easy and productive as possible. Most important, we don’t want your growth to be derailed by the elusive promise of shiny new media. Here’s a sound place to start: For Financial Advisors, Social Media Is Where the Clients Are In an interview with […]

Steve Jobs to Those in the Financial Advice Business

Remember the Apple advertising campaign which encouraged us to “Think Different?” So, how can you “Think Different” in the advisory field to stand out from the pack and attract more clients and assets? Conventional product development in recent decades has focused on incremental progress. Product managers are taught to survey customers and find out what […]

6 Content Marketing Must-Haves for Financial Advisors’ Success

by Shirley Hanson There is no better place to start than with Seth Godin, “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” Our simple definition is: Content marketing is marketing that creates and shares content to attract and engage a chosen audience. Here’s the content marketing formula: Great Content Creates an Audience Your Audience Creates an […]

Financial Advisors, How A Simple Lead Magnet Can Double Leads

by Shirley Hanson Today you’ll discover a specific twist on a proven financial advisor marketing tool that can double leads. Bob and I have been calling on White Papers and Special Reports for more than 2 decades. Yes, they can boost the power of your marketing. Yes, Special Reports and White Papers can: – attract […]

Financial Advisors, The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword

by Bob Hanson “The pen is mightier than the sword.” – Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton What is the simple and successful communications formula we find in the Declaration of Independence? Dear ~Contact.FirstName~, As we approach the Independence Day holiday and the birth of the U.S. as a nation, this quote from the 19th century captures one […]

Financial Advisors, Five Super Reasons For Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

by Shirley Hanson A recent study by Paladin Registry reveals that the use of the internet to find financial advisors has reached 25.3%. It makes sense because they can find out about an advisor without contacting them. They can discover whether the advisor is experienced in working with people just like them, find out if […]

Financial Advisor Marketing, How About Mid-Year Planning for Yourself?

by Bob Hanson Many advisors engage in quarterly or mid-year planning with their clients. Yet, fewer than a third follow any kind of practice growth or marketing plan. Perhaps you are uncertain about being on track to reach your goals this year. Maybe there are certain parts of your practice that frustrate you, and you […]

Financial Advisors, 6 Tips From Content Marketing For More Clients

6 Practice-Changing Tips To Unleash the Power of Content Marketing Content marketing can seem vague and elusive. You may be uncertain about how to get the most out of your content, perhaps a white paper, webinar, or newsletter. So exactly what is this thing called content marketing? Call it what you like, you can think […]