Financial Advisors, Hit More of Your Shots the Easy Way

If you have been watching the NBA playoffs, you probably noticed that invariably the team that hits a higher percentage of its shots wins the day. Do it 4 out of 7 times, and you’ll advance to the next round with a chance at the NBA Championship and lifelong fame and riches that will last […]

Financial Advisors, Get the Right People on the Bus

There’s no mystery about why . . . Top Performers arrive at the top. In our more than 1,000 interviews with advisors of all types over the last decade, one quality of these top performers shows up again and again. Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great” has a fascinating way of pinpointing this difference: […]

The Advisor Road Map to Profiting From Web Meetings, Webinars

Generate new prospects, save time and money, and tap into the power of financial advisor webinars and recordings done right: Technology is only 10% of the solution Live, Webinar 2.0 Training Next Week, February 11 at 1:00 pm EST You can sign up here at Because I am a faculty member, you receive 50% […]

8 Sources at Your Fingertips for Attracting More Ideal Clients Now

by Shirley Hanson A sound marketing strategy and smart follow up can make all the difference between sluggish growth. or no growth, and sustained growth over the long term. Jay Abraham, our first marketing mentor, looks at marketing strategies, indeed all strategies, like this: “We are all surrounded by opportunities and solutions that would allow […]

Financial Advisors, What Research Says Is Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

It is smart to be happy. In fact, happiness is the single greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy.” – Shawn Achor Achor, writing in an article in the “Harvard Business Review” called “Are Happy People Dumb?” explained: “The real story of happiness (based on research) is that every person has a range of potential […]

For Financial Advisors: The Surprising Benefit of Having a Target Market

By Bob Hanson Longtime readers of this newsletter and our book are familiar with many of the benefits of having a target market or niche. You have likely heard about the power of this strategy to unlock your growth, focus your resources, enhance your ability to get in front of more target prospects, and increase […]

What Do Top-Growing Financial Advisory Practices Have in Common?

Here you’ll discover three surprising keys to having a practice with both Growth AND Income. For many, what will be unexpected is what you will NOT find in all these financial advisory practices. Top Growers are NOT necessarily specializing in one hot area such as retirement planning, focusing on a particular niche such as widows […]

Financial Advisor Marketing, Gain a Jump-Start on 2015, Your Year for Growth

By Bob Hanson Imagine it is one year from now and you are looking back on an amazing 2015 for your practice. While no one can control the markets, you can control your own practice and your marketing. What will have changed in your practice from 2014 and previous years? Will you have added a […]

Financial Advisors, How To Manage Volatility and Reduce Stress

What were financial advisors’ top concern in the second and third quarters of 2014? “Managing volatility,” according to a survey by Fidelity Advisor Investment Pulse. You may be encountering nervous clients now. More market jolts could be ahead because of economic uncertainty and unsettling global conflicts. What can you do to relieve stress and worry […]

Financial Advisors, Capitalize on This New Wave of Marketing Now

By Bob Hanson Why are some advisors able to reach target prospects while others are shut out as they struggle to wring results from old strategies. Simply, they are wasting their time and money on what’s NOT working. What do hyper-growth firms such as those led by Ken Fisher and Ric Edelman know about marketing […]