Quick Guide To A Super-Successful 2016 With Your Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

By Bob Hanson Each November and December for the past 10 years, I’ve worked with clients on marketing plans for the next year. I also study trends and predictions from thought leaders and undertake at least one survey of marketers on “What’s Working Now” to validate what I’m hearing. Around this time in December, I […]

Your Marketing Plan Starts Here

It’s As If You’re Reading¬†Your Prospect’s Or Client’s Mind Here’s your 3-Step Audience-Attracting Pathway to competitive advantage and growth. It takes advantage of what’s been called a “new science.” And we’re ready to begin our journey to discover how to put these findings from 8 years of years of new marketing¬†research into action. Step 1 […]

Financial Advisors, 6 Tips From Content Marketing For More Clients

6 Practice-Changing Tips To Unleash the Power of Content Marketing Content marketing can seem vague and elusive. You may be uncertain about how to get the most out of your content, perhaps a white paper, webinar, or newsletter. So exactly what is this thing called content marketing? Call it what you like, you can think […]

Financial Advisors, What’s Your Best Move?

by Shirley Hanson If you want your financial advisory practice to grow, you may have been told you must reach out to new markets. You may have heard that the women’s market is the place to be. Or you have been warned not to miss out on making yourself known to the up-and-coming millennials. Right […]

Financial Advisors, Get the Right People on the Bus

There’s no mystery about why . . . Top Performers arrive at the top. In our more than 1,000 interviews with advisors of all types over the last decade, one quality of these top performers shows up again and again. Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great” has a fascinating way of pinpointing this difference: […]

Supercharge Your Growth The “Billion Dollar Baby” Way

by Shirley Hanson The billion-dollar goal is increasingly within reach for your financial advisory practice. According to the InvestmentNews annual benchmarking study, twenty percent of participating registered investment advisory firms in the annual study managed $1 billion or more in assets last year (2014). A decade ago that number was 2.5%. The study reveals that […]

Financial Advisors, What Research Says Is Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

It is smart to be happy. In fact, happiness is the single greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy.” – Shawn Achor Achor, writing in an article in the “Harvard Business Review” called “Are Happy People Dumb?” explained: “The real story of happiness (based on research) is that every person has a range of potential […]

The 3 Questions That Help Financial Advisors Reach and Sustain High Growth

By Shirley Hanson “Ask the right questions if you’re going to find the right answers.” – Vanessa Redgrave Here we ask key questions and we reveal answers that you can call on to activate your growth! 1 – What is the correct way to produce a financial advisor’s marketing plan that generates and sustains growth […]

Marketing Plan for Financial Advisors: Sustained Growth

“Let the good times roll.”¬† But will they continue? About 3/4 of financial advisory firms experienced “significant growth” in 2013 and are optimistic for “good growth” continuing through 2014. Yet . . . Only 1/3 of the firms experiencing “significant growth” will achieve sustainable growth, according to the “Growth by Design 2014 FA Insight Study” […]

For Financial Advisors, Why Is Your Marketing Not Working?

by Bob Hanson You may be wondering why traditional advisor marketing strategies such as public seminars, cold calling, or COI or client referrals are not working for you the way they have in the past. You may be dabbling in social media, search marketing. or just launched a new website, but not getting the results […]