Financial Advisors, Where Continuous Growth Is And Where To Get It

by Shirley Hanson “Financial advisor income remains high, practice planning falls to low level.” We couldn’t let that headline go by without investigating. This article at IFAwebnews reveals results from the 7th Fidelity Advisor Insights Study. “95% of advisors grew their books of business in the last 12 months . . . and with average […]

3 Ways For Financial Advisors To Grow in 2014

By Bob Hanson With tax season and the first quarter of the year behind you, it’s a good time to ignite your growth and income plan for 2014. Both advisors and potential investors alike can be overwhelmed with ideas and with potential shortcuts to their goals. Also, they may be on the lookout for that […]

Yogi Berra May Have Been Onto Something

By Bob Hanson “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” — Yogi Berra Plan to Achieve High Growth Many advisors have taken 10 to 20 years to build their practice to the point it is now. When we interview them, we discover that most did not follow any […]

14 Top Marketing Tips, Tools, and Tactics for 2014 (with insight from Jeff Bezos)

By Shirley Hanson Jeff Bezos “said that Amazon intended to sell books as a way of gathering data on affluent, educated shoppers” (as reported in The New Yorker). We watch this play out in the array of products Amazon sells dirt cheap — the ones we love to buy. So what does that have to […]

What the Top 20% of Advisors Know about Generating 80% of the Prospect Flow

By Bob Hanson In my last article I revealed the 5 biggest advisor marketing myths and why you should let the competition believe them. When you survey your competition, you’ll likely observe that roughly 80% of advisor prospect leads are generated by the top 20% of firms. What do these firms and advisors know that […]

5 Financial Advisor Marketing Myths, Let The Competition Believe Them

by Bob Hanson Why does most financial advisor marketing go over like a limp handshake? Because it falls victim to a series of myths. Don’t heed these 5 myths: Myth #1 – My practice has grown slowly in the past, so it can’t grow quickly in the future. There are almost assuredly specific, controllable reasons […]

Five Steps: How Financial Advisors Successfully Break Out From The Pack

By Shirley Hanson “How can we convince people that WE are different (better) than the next guy?” “How can I stand out from other advisors?” Questions like these about separating yourself from the pack are common. How do you stand out? Where do you discover your niche? What can you do so that prospects and […]

Is The Growth Of Your Financial Advisor Practice In Your Packaging?

By Bob Hanson When you think of physicians, who gets paid more? It is not the general practitioners but the specialists. In baseball, does the pitcher who can do it all get paid more or less than one with a defined role like “starter” or “closer”? Another win for our specialists. So, bringing it into […]

Financial Advisor Marketing: What’s Better Than A “4-Hour Workweek?”

By Bob Hanson The 4-Hour Workweek remains on the list of books popular with Financial Advisors Yes, the book title is a grabber, but that may be its high point for financial advisors. The concept of working only 4 hours a week speaks to people who don’t find meaning in their work. Many of the […]

Missed Connections in Your Networking

by Shirley Hanson Networking, getting in front of people, may be a personal strength and a chief marketing tactic. Possibly, you work hard as a treasurer or on the Finance Committee of high-profile non-profit boards. Or you may, as Jim Connors (not his real name) does, pay big dollars to sponsor or participate in top […]