Advisor Inbound Marketing

Advisors and RIAs, Considering Inbound Marketing for 2018?  How To Get Off To A Fast Start Or To Increase Momentum . . . For Advisors Inbound Marketing may be a relatively late addition to the advisor marketing playbook, if you exclude a few marketing-led firms like Fisher Investments and Edelman Financial. What exactly is it?  The short […]

How To Build Unstoppable Growth in 2016

By Shirley Hanson Like many financial advisors you would like to see significant growth in 2016. But you may not be sure which opportunities to tune into to take you there. Or you may feel that you are missing out on key approaches that will make all the difference. Here we’ve gathered for you from […]

Steve Jobs to Those in the Financial Advice Business

Remember the Apple advertising campaign which encouraged us to “Think Different?” So, how can you “Think Different” in the advisory field to stand out from the pack and attract more clients and assets? Conventional product development in recent decades has focused on incremental progress. Product managers are taught to survey customers and find out what […]

Financial Advisors, Are Women Your Target Audience?

How to attract this Target Audience vital for the growth of your financial advisory practice “Most financial advisers do not have a plan in place to target female clients specifically, but the vast majority would like to add more women in their client roster.” That’s a conclusion from 774 financial advisors speaking through a July […]

Sustained Growth: Turn Conventional Wisdom on Its Head

by Bob Hanson Must you learn heavily on referrals to grow your practice? Do you need to offer wealth management services to millionaires to become a top producer? Are the only successful advisors proficient networking and sales machines? Is it essential to be on ___ (insert social media flavor of the month here) to grow […]

Financial Advisors, The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword

by Bob Hanson “The pen is mightier than the sword.” – Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton What is the simple and successful communications formula we find in the Declaration of Independence? Dear ~Contact.FirstName~, As we approach the Independence Day holiday and the birth of the U.S. as a nation, this quote from the 19th century captures one […]

Financial Advisors, 6 Tips From Content Marketing For More Clients

6 Practice-Changing Tips To Unleash the Power of Content Marketing Content marketing can seem vague and elusive. You may be uncertain about how to get the most out of your content, perhaps a white paper, webinar, or newsletter. So exactly what is this thing called content marketing? Call it what you like, you can think […]

Financial Advisors, Hit More of Your Shots the Easy Way

If you have been watching the NBA playoffs, you probably noticed that invariably the team that hits a higher percentage of its shots wins the day. Do it 4 out of 7 times, and you’ll advance to the next round with a chance at the NBA Championship and lifelong fame and riches that will last […]

Financial Advisor Marketing, How To Win Over Millennials

by Shirley Hanson The Millennials have arrived in abundance. They are now the largest generation by size — yes, surpassing baby boomers. They total some 76.6 million or more (the total depends on how you define them). Frequently, they are described as being born between 1977-1994 and are now 20 to 37 years old. Here’s […]

Financial Advisors, Introductions Without Really Trying

In our 1,000+ interviews over years, the majority of financial advisors cite referrals as a good source of new clients. Yet, most feel as if they should be doing more. Or they may say that introductions from past referral sources and current clients have fallen off in recent years. What is a key difference between […]