Financial Advisors, Hit More of Your Shots the Easy Way

If you have been watching the NBA playoffs, you probably noticed that invariably the team that hits a higher percentage of its shots wins the day. Do it 4 out of 7 times, and you’ll advance to the next round with a chance at the NBA Championship and lifelong fame and riches that will last […]

Financial Advisors, How To Manage Volatility and Reduce Stress

What were financial advisors’ top concern in the second and third quarters of 2014? “Managing volatility,” according to a survey by Fidelity Advisor Investment Pulse. You may be encountering nervous clients now. More market jolts could be ahead because of economic uncertainty and unsettling global conflicts. What can you do to relieve stress and worry […]

Checklist for Financial Advisors: 7 Costly Website Stumbles To Eliminate

by Shirley Hanson Does your website send your prospects into the arms of your competitors? Or is it an engine for growth? Does it enable prospects to quickly discover what they want to know? After they check you out, does it prompt them to contact you? It can accomplish this mission for you if you […]

Exactly How NOT To Be An Average Financial Advisory Practice

by Shirley Hanson Why do some professional and financial advisory firms grow greatly and others linger at average or decline? The Hinge Marketing Research Study of 2010 of “High Growth Professional Services Firms” finds answers. First, here’s the nutshell definition of these firms. “They grew almost 9 times faster and were 50% more profitable than […]

5 Financial Advisor Marketing Myths, Let The Competition Believe Them

by Bob Hanson Why does most financial advisor marketing go over like a limp handshake? Because it falls victim to a series of myths. Don’t heed these 5 myths: Myth #1 – My practice has grown slowly in the past, so it can’t grow quickly in the future. There are almost assuredly specific, controllable reasons […]

Financial Advisors, How To Reach That 66% Of Your Potential Market That’s Eluding You

By Bob Hanson Studies show that an average of 66% of financial research is done by your prospects BEFORE they pick up the phone and call you or a competitor. That’s why financial advisors and the financial industry in general is jumping on the Content Marketing bandwagon. Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves […]

Five Steps: How Financial Advisors Successfully Break Out From The Pack

By Shirley Hanson “How can we convince people that WE are different (better) than the next guy?” “How can I stand out from other advisors?” Questions like these about separating yourself from the pack are common. How do you stand out? Where do you discover your niche? What can you do so that prospects and […]

Financial Advisors, Think in Three Dimensions with Events

by Bob Hanson copyright 2013 I was about to write an article on updating your marketing plans for Q4 or 2014, but a thought occurred to me at the conference we produced last week which had 1,100 registrants. (Note: Less was spent on promotion for this event than the average advisor spends on a single […]

Five Tips for Improving Email Results

by Shirley Hanson In direct marketing we measure results and test ideas to see where we can improve. Email is a key medium for many financial advisors. Few, though, take advantage of its potential for greater results. Five email tips in Ryan Deiss’s concise article for improving list engagement are here. The goal is to […]

5 Tips For Financial Advisors To Get A Handle On Your Email Marketing

By Shirley Hanson As email grows in popularity as a marketing tool, there never will be a better time than now to wring every ounce of marketing power from your emails. Here are tips you can take advantage of right away. 1 – Always have a prior relationship with the receiver of your email Think […]