5 overlooked financial advisor growth strategies

5 Overlooked Strategies
to Accelerate Your Growth
In 2017

Find Your “Happy Place”
By Acquiring More Ideal Clients

By Bob Hanson

For many, November and December is the Holiday Season.

This is also the time of year to complete your growth plan for 2017.

You may want to move away from marketing that’s haphazard and uncertain.

That’s the path to gaining only a trickle of prospects – many of them not ideal.

Also, you may want to avoid the trap of being tempted by the latest hot new media.

You recognize that is not the road to sustained growth.

What IS a formula for practice growth, well-being, and happiness in the New Year?

For your financial advisory firm it could be driving the acquisition of new ideal clients.

Your most productive and happiest path
to sustained growth year after year
is to systematically identify and
acquire more of your most-desired clients.

Now you are ready for the first overlooked strategy . . .

1 – Construct Your Marketing Blueprint

First, produce your marketing blueprint, which can be a few paragraphs or three to five bullets of detail under each of four key areas.

These four key areas are:

1 – Identify your Ideal clients,

2 – Develop your targeted communications strategy,

3 – Select productive marketing strategies and tools, and

4 – Build marketing automation.

If you can’t describe the who, what, when, where, and why of your new-client blueprint, or marketing plan, don’t expect anyone on your team to rally around the business growth goals for 2017.

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Here are 4 more often overlooked or underdeveloped strategies.

Capitalize on them to accelerate your new-client attraction and marketing growth in 2017.

2 – Drive New-Client Growth through Centers of Influence (COI)

My early marketing mentor Jay Abraham had a favorite question, “Who has already developed a trusted relationship with your target market, the very customers you want?”

His follow-on question: “Is there some way to work with them to develop joint marketing programs?”

He is referring to programs that benefit both the person of influence and their clients and prospects and, of course, also further your marketing goals.

A top benefit of having an identifiable market is that you can discover who is currently influential in that market and can then develop profitable relationships with them.

Once the relationship is established, you will then be able to run your best proven marketing program to their list – a program that, first and foremost, will help the COI’s clients and prospects.

3 – Call On Automated Webinars – Long-Format Storytelling with a Marketing Twist

Imagine your best 30-minute firm or sales presentation available to your prospects exactly when THEY are ready for it from the convenience of their home or office?

Would this produce more sales for you?  You bet.

An automated webinar adds power to your marketing.

This particular type of automated webinar is designed for warm prospects who are not ready yet to reach out to a salesperson, but they may be in the consideration, intent, or evaluation phase of the buying cycle.

Here’s how an automated webinar works for you.

The presentation can be recorded once.  Then, you can automate the process and plan to serve it up to warm prospects . . . when they are ready.  You will also find out if they attended, and you will be able to follow up appropriately.

It is not uncommon for advisory firms to as much as double qualified lead flow by adding this one strategy to their process of nurturing prospects.

4 – Activate Consultation or Meeting Marketing Campaigns to Warm Prospects

This meeting can happen in person or virtually, or it can be one step in a multi-step process.

Often practices try to market the demonstration, or sampling, phase of the sales process to cold prospects.  Others, though, do it correctly by going back to warm prospects who are in their own or a COI’s marketing database.

But they may mistakenly assume the prospect will understand the full value of this meeting.

Firms that “tell” when they approach their warm lists are likely to dramatically increase conversion rates.

Here’s how:  I wrote a simple one-page letter for a client to send to the firm’s list of warm prospects, and we garnered a 22% total response over two mailings.  That is 22 out of every 100 raised their hand to request a meeting.  This one campaign kept the salespeople busy for months.

Here are two keys to its success:

First, the company did a superb job of understanding their ideal clients, so that the message could be targeted to their emotional needs.

Second, we were very specific about what would take place in the meeting and what would be the benefits for the prospect by taking advantage of the offer for a meeting.

5 – Fix the “I Don’t Know What Happened with Those Leads” Problem

Even in this age of CRM and Marketing
Automation, an estimated 70%
of new
prospect leads
don’t get the proper follow-up.

How can this happen?

One reason is you have multiple ways of communicating with prospects and clients like email, website, phone, and social channels but no one central CRM.

Another reason for this lapse is that some companies have too many campaigns underway, and they become too busy to set up and track effective multi-media, multi-step follow-up sequences.

Sometimes the desire to share something socially every day or to keep in touch with existing clients can get in the way.

But what about connecting with those 19 prospects who last week requested a meeting at a workshop or webinar?

It is the responsibility of both marketing and sales to make sure a follow-up system is in place for every campaign and to track the results. 

Otherwise you could be spending tens of thousands of dollars on social, web, or other campaign channels and not know which ones are driving new clients. And, equally important, miss out on large new sales opportunities.

You engage in marketing because many of your clients of tomorrow are your prospects today.

Timely, appropriate, and consistent follow up can multiply your results.

Find your “Happy Place” by acquiring a steady stream of ideal clients in 2017 and beyond. And it can all start here with your 2017 growth plan.


Bob Hanson, President of Quantum Leap Marketing, Inc., provides an on-demand, growth marketing department to unlock growth for independent financial advisors and RIAs.

Would you like Bob to build a Custom Growth Blueprint for you . . . for free?

Bob will zero in on the strategies and tactics that will make the most difference in boosting your results.

This blueprint will set you on a path to the sustained growth you’re looking for.

More information about your Free Growth Blueprint is HERE.  

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