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Advisors and RIAs, Considering Inbound Marketing for 2018?  How To Get Off To A Fast Start Or To Increase Momentum . . .

For Advisors Inbound Marketing may be a relatively late addition to the advisor marketing playbook, if you exclude a few marketing-led firms like Fisher Investments and Edelman Financial.

What exactly is it? 

The short version for advisors: Inbound marketing is a comprehensive strategy for attracting potential clients through content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

Let’s simplify that:

Content marketing is providing useful content like blogs, articles, and free reports to both your prospects and clients.  Simply, you give before you get.

Search engine optimization is calling on specific techniques to ensure that your website appears high on the list of results for a particular search.

So while practices have done some basic SEO and some social marketing, the majority of firms are just now testing content marketing and marketing automation technologies.

Ready, Get Set, Get Started with Inbound Marketing for Advisors:
Call on these 
5 BIG Questions you must ask and answer for a fast start . . .

–  Practices that put off answering these questions will jeopardize the success of their Inbound Marketing.
–  Practices that address these questions head on will gain an advantage and increase their odds of profiting from Inbound Marketing.

1.  Which target prospects will be the focus of our Inbound efforts?

2.  How will we integrate our Inbound Marketing with our Outbound Marketing and Branding initiatives?

3.  What Inbound technology will be at the core of our Inbound Marketing?

4.  Which marketing campaigns offer the potential for quick wins?

5.  How will we know that our Inbound Marketing is successful? (How will we measure that?)

Easy Ways to Get Started with Advisors Inbound Marketing:

Adding a Simple Free Report

Some RIAs and independent practices will get started with a simple Free Report – or it could even be a checklist – as their top “money-in-motion” driver (reason to hire you) for a specific set of ideal prospects.

They will often use a basic marketing technology to create the landing or registration page for the report and a follow-up sequence or follow up through their CRM.  For example, one of our clients added Inbound Marketing to their overall marketing strategy by starting with a Free Report on Retirement Planning and generated one new lead daily.

The outcome?

Based on the success of this single marketing campaign, the firm dedicated a team member to work with new prospects and with the onboarding of clients.

Getting Out Word About Your First Meeting

Many will also promote their first individual meeting step . . . whether it be a phone meeting, individual consultation, or planning review.

Be Aware:  Getting started with Inbound Marketing is not simply posting social content or blog entries from third-party sources largely to existing contacts and connections. This can be part of a comprehensive strategy, but likely the “tail and not the dog.”  This strategy requires a lot of activity and generates very few new inbound leads and prospects.

Increasing Momentum for Advisors Inbound Marketing with Some Experience

For those with some Inbound Marketing experience under your belt, consider . . .

5 BIG Questions you must ask and answer to compete with Inbound Marketing leaders:

1. What combination of target prospects and programs/content are generating the best response from our current Inbound efforts?

2.  What is the right balance between Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, and Branding to optimize results from our 2018 budget?

3.  What are the next Inbound technologies to add to our MarTech Stack?

4.  What multi-step, multi-media prospect conversion sequences will we test next

5.  What marketing programs are most successful – ones that offer the highest Return-on-Investment (ROI) – and should be repeated, expanded and improved?  

For example, many RIAs are taking the initial success they have and building on it by:

–  creating and testing content for different market segments or buying triggers,

–  expanding their promotional budget,

automating their prospect nurture processes and marketing sequences, and

adding new technologies like web chat, marketing automation, and online video and webinars.

The outcome? 

An advisory partner started using the firm’s Inbound content in concert with its referral strategy.  The result: The partner booked 14 prospect appointments in 30 days. 

One RIA added an educational webinar to the Inbound mix and generated 187 leads and $3 million in new identified AUM within 7 days. These leads came largely from contacts generated through Inbound strategies like blogs and articles.

Another firm added web chat to its website and web chat immediately became the best source for qualified leads across all its marketing.

Ready to Test Inbound Marketing?

Try it out; then, improve from your initial results.

Had some Inbound success?

Don’t stop: Build from your initial success, and you, too, may become a leader in your target niches as others have!

If you would like expert guidance in creating your 2018 Inbound Marketing strategy, email Bob Hanson, co-author of Marketing Power for Financial Advisors at to set up a no-obligation phone meeting.

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