5 Simple Ways You Can Craft That Right Response-Producing Content Marketing Message

by Bob Hanson

How can you stack the odds in your favor?

How can you craft a message that “hits the right notes” with your target audience?

Here’s your Road to the Right Message . . .

#1 – Avoid Group Think

Think about it. There are no committees in the Copywriting Hall of Fame for good reason.

A watered-down message that appeases many “writers” will be bland and easy to ignore.

A message that fails to take a stand or offer a point of view has little chance of unlocking a response.

#2 – Don’t Be Afraid To Disqualify a Large Group of People Who Have No Interest in What You Offer

Consider: Messages pointed to a relatively small population — ones you have carefully selected who are in need of the specific solution that you offer — will appeal to that audience and prompt a response.

Messages that turn their backs on a broad spectrum of people are MORE likely to get the desired response from the relatively small population you have chosen for your communication . . . if they are in need of that particular solution you provide.

#3 – Zoom in on the Right Places for The Right Message

Often it can be found in your Top Expert or Salesperson’s Words as they are speaking to one or more prospects.

I will often interview a top producer and record and transcribe what they say. Those words become the basis for my new marketing communication.

This one technique alone has produced an instant increase of 300% in response over what a marketing team was previously able to muster.

#4 – Season the Right Message with Benefits

A simple seminar invitation example illustrates the point.

Everything else being the same, we tested my 5 benefits for attending against the corporation’s 5 factual areas that they would discuss. The audience, topic, date, and rest of the invitations were all held constant. Only the features were changed to benefits in my “B” version.

What happened?

In this scientific A/B test, those 5 benefits in this one section of the invitation out-pulled the “more rational” features by 15%.

#5 – Give Subject Lines, Headlines and Subheads, and Your Value Proposition Extra Oomph

Invigorate them with a Top Benefit or a Major Pain Point that you can solve.

For example, you may have their attention for only 8 seconds or less on the home page on your website.

Capitalize on that moment by answering a question like this: “What is the top emotional pain point I solve when a prospect becomes a client?”

Now that’s out of the way, I’d like to round out the 5 R’s for you.

Here’s a quick sketch of the 5 R’s to call on for your content marketing message:

Start with the Right People

These could be your ideal prospects or they could be fearful clients in times of market turmoil.

Craft the Right Message

You’ll have the tools to do that with the help of this article.

Call on the Right Medium

It’s where the Right People hang out and where you can reach them.

Act at the Right Time

The right time depends on your understanding of the Right People for you. One more aspect of timing is when there is news that alarms your prospects. Your content could speak to that news.

Attract the Right (Your Desired) Response

Along with creating appealing content marketing and getting it into the hands of the right people, be sure you also plan for attracting the results you’re after. Simply, financial advisors with a clear strategy for getting that response will be more effective.

Wait a Minute, What About Compliance?

In this blog over the years and in our book, we have systematically debunked myths in financial services that may go like this:

– The compliance folks need to CREATE the marketing, or

– Your message HAS to be the same as everyone else’s, or

– There is no such thing as good messaging in a COMPLIANT environment.

In fact, since most of your competition will use these reasons and others, they will fail to hit the mark with their own messaging. That’s a reason why your Right Message for your particular audience will have a better chance to be heard above the clutter.

Email me at bhanson@marketingplanfinancialadvisor.com or call me directly at 617-901-6887 to set up a free consultation about the Right Copy Message. When you do, you’ll receive our new checklist “7 Power Questions for Financial Advisor That Generate Copy that Sells.”


About Bob Hanson

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Bob Hanson has worked with hundreds of financial advisors, professionals, and companies to drive documented results of 300% in new prospect flow within a week, a 70% increase in annual income within 12 months, and a boost in sales of 5 times for a firm in a little over 36 months. In addition, Bob is a Webinar specialist, a White Paper expert, and an experienced Centers of Influence strategist who helps marketers tap the full potential of these powerful marketing tools.

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