The Advisor Road Map to Profiting From Web Meetings, Webinars

Generate new prospects, save time and money, and tap into the power of financial advisor webinars and recordings done right:

Technology is only 10% of the solution

Live, Webinar 2.0 Training Next Week, February 11 at 1:00 pm EST

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Because I am a faculty member, you receive 50% off the fee. When registering, use priority code 15999 and discount code V5226926.
Or call 1-866-352-9539 with your codes.

What if you could reach HNW prospects and prompt Centers of Influence to help promote your practice?

What if you could save dozen or even hundreds of hours per year on client management, while getting MORE new assets and referrals?

What if you could harness the potential of web, online, and email marketing for your practice and add one new client per month, each and every month?

Sound too good to be true? It is not.

Our advisor clients have experienced all of these benefits and more over the past 9 years by leveraging the power of web meetings and webinars in their practice.

But most advisors will get stuck thinking it is just about technology, when technology is only 10% of the answer.

Webinar 2.0 Training for Financial Advisors Who Want to Get Ahead of the Curve

For the first time in 5 years we are making Webinar 2.0 training available to the financial advisor community through Lorman Education.

Avoid the frustration of web meetings, webinars, and recordings gone bad and get expert guidance for yourself, your office, and your team.

Discover how, right here:
Use priority code 15999 and discount code V5226926.
Or call 1-866-352-9539 with your codes.

Here are seven specific and compelling benefits of web collaboration for financial advisors:

1 – Reach your entire audience of busy prospects and clients with a live presentation which can be converted to an on-demand recording,

2 – Save thousands of dollars with email marketing and webinar events . . . surveys show an online event can be up to 7 times cheaper than an in-person seminar,

3 – Increase your number of sales prospect meetings by 33% or more by adding web sales meetings to the mix,

4 – Use the magic of webinars to bring outside experts directly to your clients’ and prospects’ computers, phones, and tablets,

5 – Make a breakthrough with Centers of Influence and get them to promote YOU to their clients,

6 – Gain a higher ROI from social media like LinkedIn, and get more qualified prospects on your prospect list from networking, your website, newsletters, and email lists,

7 – And you don’t need to be a tech jockey to profit from this medium.

For example, one advisor we worked with had someone in his office get trained. That meant he was able to talk directly to the sales prospects and show a presentation for his initial meetings (without ever touching a computer).

You may find, as many advisors have discovered, that the majority of your prospects and clients may prefer to communicate with you this way for some or all meetings and events.

Attract new prospects and save time and money by tapping into the power of advisor webinars and web meetings done right:

Because I am a faculty member, you can receive 50% off the fee. When registering, use priority code 15999 and discount code V5226926.
Or call 1-866-352-9539 with your codes.

Note: This is the only training program like this scheduled for this year, so reserve your spot now.

I hope to “see” you there!

Bob Hanson
Partner, Client Attraction System for Financial Advisors
Co-Author, Marketing Power for Financial Advisors

Phone: 617-901-6886

About Bob Hanson

Principal, Client Attraction System for Financial Advisors
Bob Hanson has worked with hundreds of financial advisors, professionals, and companies to drive documented results of 300% in new prospect flow within a week, a 70% increase in annual income within 12 months, and a boost in sales of 5 times for a firm in a little over 36 months. In addition, Bob is a Webinar specialist, a White Paper expert, and an experienced Centers of Influence strategist who helps marketers tap the full potential of these powerful marketing tools.

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