Financial Advisor Marketing, How About Mid-Year Planning for Yourself?

by Bob Hanson

Many advisors engage in quarterly or mid-year planning with their clients. Yet, fewer than a third follow any kind of practice growth or marketing plan.

Perhaps you are uncertain about being on track to reach your goals this year.

Maybe there are certain parts of your practice that frustrate you, and you aren’t sure what to do.

Or you may want to grow your income each and every year even in bear markets.

Mid-year planning may be your answer.

Our recent article hands you “7 Steps to a Winning Marketing Plan.” For the 7 Steps Click Here

Too often, though, we see that advisors are missing a vital step.

Planning Is Not Enough. it requires smart execution: To Do the Right Things and Do Them Right

Most companies develop the marketing mix, or list of marketing programs, in a vacuum.

The marketing strategy, target market, sales goals, and available resources (all included in the plan) should actually dictate the tactics.

In the 1990s, for example, I consulted with dozens of organizations on generating leads with event marketing.

The programs we ran with them generally doubled the results they could get on their own.

What made the difference?

Simply, we looked at ways to gain more prospects and clients than the competition with the same marketing mix and budget.

These included:

1. Select a Responsive List or Media for the Marketing Campaign,

2. Run Campaign Headlines that Attract Your Target Market Like a Magnet,

3. Speak to Your Prospects’ Emotions with Benefits,

4. Feature an Appealing Offer to Turn Interest into Action, and

5. Call Prospects to Action . . . Urgently

Most marketing plans are full of programs that are underperforming. As a result, companies activate fewer and less qualified leads from their overall marketing budget.

Now you know key reasons why most programs (and plans) fail to unlock their potential. And you know what to do.

We wish you a summer of both doing the right things (having a plan) and doing things right this summer.

We go into detail on winning marketing campaigns in our book: Marketing Power for Financial Advisors. For information CLICK HERE

Yours for more production and income in 2015 and beyond!

Bob Hanson

Partner, Client Attraction System for Financial Advisors
Co-Author, Marketing Power for Financial Advisors

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