Financial Advisors, 6 Tips From Content Marketing For More Clients

6 Practice-Changing Tips

To Unleash the Power of Content Marketing

Content marketing can seem vague and elusive. You may be uncertain about how to get the most out of your content, perhaps a white paper, webinar, or newsletter.

So exactly what is this thing called content marketing?

Call it what you like, you can think of it as multi-step marketing:

Step 1 – You create content which could be a blog article, a webinar, a book, a checklist on your website, a white paper, or a newsletter along with many more options.

Step 2 – Promote your content vigorously

Step 3 – Follow up relentlessly

6 Game-Changing Tips to Add More Prospects and Clients

We invite you to grab the ideas and strategies you find here to gain a predictable flow of your ideal clients.

For more than 20 years I’ve been a student of marketer extraordinaire Dan Kennedy and other experts.

I’ve studied Kennedy’s newsletters and books and participated in his select small group coaching sessions and his assignment-heavy Copywriting Coaching Club.

This first tip comes from Kennedy and the Coaching Club.

Financial Advisor Content Marketing Tip #1 –

“Developing the Big Idea is HUGE! If they get nothing else, your target market gets this idea!” It’s vital because . . . “Everything hinges on the Big Idea.”

So what could your big idea be?

Here’s one from a client: “Many advisors can help you manage your money. We also help you manage having money. What’s the difference?

“You are no longer hurt by a piecemeal and fragmented approach to your investments. Instead, you can take advantage of an experienced advisor by your side to coordinate the work of your CPA, attorneys and other advisors.”

For oXYGen Financial Big idea is a Private CFO, which is introduced with the challenge: “The term financial advisor is so passe.”

The Private CFO role is divided into 3 responsibilities: Controller Role, Treasurer Role, and Strategist Role. To bring each one to life oXYGen lists the benefits.

Financial Advisor Content Marketing Tip #2 –

Don’t Hold Back; Gather All the Facts

Copywriting legend the late Gary Halbert said it best, “Research is a cheap way to make sure you’ll hit the right nerve.”

That means to identify a target market(s) and understand the individuals there as deeply as possible.

My favorite example comes from Dan Kennedy. Early in his career he specialized in programs and consulting services for chiropractors.

So steeped was he in their world that he became one of them. Often, they called him “doctor.”

Financial Advisor Content Marketing Tip #3 –

“Twice as many people buy to prevent loss than out of a desire for gain”

It’s easier to sell to the suffering than to sell prevention is the BIG idea promoted by the late Jay Conrad Levinson of Guerrilla Marketing.

“See what percentage of your marketing message is devoted to preventing loss,” he advised. “If you don’t see much, you should realize that two-thirds of the people who get your message don’t really read it.

“And if they don’t read it, they’re not likely to buy it.”

Financial Advisor Content Marketing Tip #4 –

Don’t wimp out at the close

What action do you want your prospects or clients to take?

When you send a letter, create website content, produce a free report, etc., always add a call to action that promotes the next step. Let them know exactly what you want them to do and how you want them to take that action.

Financial Advisor Content Marketing Tip #5 –

Have a strategy and a plan

Many financial advisor firms fall down here.

It doesn’t matter how good your content is IF you don’t have a strategy and a plan.

A recent infographic about B2B content marketing trends from MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute states:

“If you want to be more effective at content marketing, document your strategy.”

Be aware: only 35 percent say they have a documented content strategy, so there’s a lot of room for improvement.

You’ll be glad that you have a strateg and a plan. Those who do rate themselves highly in terms of content marketing effectiveness.

Financial Advisor Content Marketing Tip #6 –

Take Action and Implement

In Kennedy’s Copywriting Coaching Club we sweated over our monthly assignments. The grand finale event was an all-day meeting in Phoenix with Kennedy and the other copywriting students.

There, something unforgettable happened.

When we gathered to talk and to listen, one student stood out.

We had never heard of him — he never submitted monthly assignments. Instead, he adapted each assignment and sent it out to attract prospects to his business.

It was not, for him, an exercise only in becoming a better copywriter. While the rest of us improved our skills, we fell down in testing our enhanced ability on prospects and clients.

This star student gained valuable feedback from the people who mattered most, his target audience, through their responses to his content marketing.

It comes down to this: To activate more prospects and clients act on your strategy and your plan.

Yours for quickly becoming a content marketing winner,

Shirley Hanson

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