Financial Advisors, Hit More of Your Shots the Easy Way

If you have been watching the NBA playoffs, you probably noticed that invariably the team that hits a higher percentage of its shots wins the day.

Do it 4 out of 7 times, and you’ll advance to the next round with a chance at the NBA Championship and lifelong fame and riches that will last (if you have a competent financial advisor at your side).

For financial advisors, you could say that the equivalent of the 3-Pointer is the target or ideal client.

If you get more looks at the basket (take more shots at selling your own ideal prospects) and make your fair share of those shots, then practice growth, income, and enjoyment can multiply.

But the first step for advisors is deciding who that target prospect is and translating it to a market or niche.

Hitting the Target in Business

How many companies go through complex rebranding or website re-launch efforts while failing to define their key target client?

Or someone in the organization has clearly defined a target profile, often a top salesperson, but this profile does not get into the central branding vehicles such as the website or into the marketing plan, marketing content, or marketing programs.

The result: Up to 90% of a company’s marketing efforts and communications can be wasted.

Instead, high-growth companies tend to understand key decision makers and influencers and incorporate qualitative and quantitative data about them into all the elements of their marketing.

The result is not only better quality sales leads at a lower cost per lead, but also there tends to be a much higher sales conversion as the sales pipeline is filled with target accounts presenting problems the organization is prepared to solve.

Yours for more production and income in 2015 and beyond!

Bob Hanson

About Bob Hanson

Principal, Client Attraction System for Financial Advisors
Bob Hanson has worked with hundreds of financial advisors, professionals, and companies to drive documented results of 300% in new prospect flow within a week, a 70% increase in annual income within 12 months, and a boost in sales of 5 times for a firm in a little over 36 months. In addition, Bob is a Webinar specialist, a White Paper expert, and an experienced Centers of Influence strategist who helps marketers tap the full potential of these powerful marketing tools.

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