Financial Advisors, How A Simple Lead Magnet Can Double Leads

by Shirley Hanson

Today you’ll discover a specific twist on a proven financial advisor marketing tool that can double leads.

Bob and I have been calling on White Papers and Special Reports for more than 2 decades.

Yes, they can boost the power of your marketing.

Yes, Special Reports and White Papers can:

– attract leads
– build credibility with prospects,
– enable you to stand out from all other advisors,
– strengthen your positioning with Influencers,
– transform prospects into clients,
– and more

Here we are zooming in on research from Ryan Deiss, founder and CEO of Digital Marketer.

Over the last 36 months he and his team invested $15,000,000 on marketing tests, and he shares the findings — the good and the ugly — at Digital Marketer Lab.

If you are like most advisors, you follow some type of process for generating leads and converting them to clients. It falls somewhere on the continuum between Hit-or-Miss and an effective Optimized Funnel.

You’ll know your funnel is working well if it produces a flow of new leads and, more importantly, of desired clients year after year.

The Power of Testing

Digital Marketer found through testing that they could more than double the number of prospects they attracted by calling on the right special reports.

Enter the Lead Magnet . . .

Ryan Deiss describes it as “a small chunk of value that solves a specific problem for a specific market.” That chunk of value is offered for an exchange — their contact information for your Lead Magnet.

What it’s not:

It is not a request to subscribe to your newsletter or blog. It is not a lengthy treatise on a subject.

The most productive lead magnets are SPECIFIC. For instance, they answer a specific question or offer a specific example.

Case studies make especially effective lead magnets. And they can for you, too.

We realize it’s obvious how this approach can work for almost any business outside your financial advisory field.

For Hanson Marketing, for example, Bob could write a Lead Magnet around his experience: “How We Attracted 2,245 Prospects at One Event without Spending a Dime on Marketing.”

We have, though, developed numerous compliance-approved case studies for clients. Each one can be adapted to become a Lead Magnet for a particular audience.

You might be wondering, how long does a case study need to be?

The answer is long enough to deliver on the promise expressed in the title. One or two pages are okay as long as they are complete.

These Lead Magnet case studies are easy to prepare and you could have one for each of the audiences you want to attract.

Examples from clients follow:

This one asks the question: “Is Your Portfolio Structured As It Should Be For These Volatile Times?”

This case study follows a Problem / Action Taken / Transformation path and promotes a second opinion.

It’s about Tom and Linda (not their real names although their situation is real) who experienced serious emotional stress because of recent marketing volatility.

They asked a whirlwind of questions from their current advisor and weren’t comfortable with the answers.

The case study moves into a section on “Taking Advantage of a Second Opinion,” where they meet with a second advisor, the author of the case study.

He answers their questions through each of the steps in his “Five Step Financial Planning Process for Financial Fitness” and demonstrates how he can assist Tom and Linda to gain a clearer understanding of their financial situation.

The Transformation is in the “Desired Outcome” conclusion: “By working in partnership with them we will help them regain confidence that they will achieve their goals.”

A note about Compliance here: You may be required to express the outcome or transformation in the future as the “desired outcome.”

This wording does not diminish the power of the transformation that occurred.

At the end of the lead Magnet add a few sentences about yourself along with the call to action, which is an invitation to contact you by phone or email.

Including the account of the Five Step Planning Process, this Lead Magnet would reach about 3-4 pages.

A Lead Magnet idea for People Experiencing “Life-Changing Wealth”

Your audience could be a lottery winner, a large divorce settlement, an inheritor of millions, an athlete signing a multi-million dollar contract with a professional team, land owners sitting on oil, etc.

The title of this Lead Magnet could be “Helping Athletes, or the name of your target audience, Prevent Common Financial Downfalls By Avoiding These 7 Costly Missteps.”

How to Benefit from a Lead Magnet

To take advantage of the Lead Magnet special report you can send out an email to prospects who are in the target audience for your valuable report and ask them to sign up for it.

You can arrange for your prospects to sign up for their Lead Magnet on your website.

Also, you can make copies of your Lead Magnet for Influencers and appropriate clients when you meet with them as a way to encourage referrals.

Our follow-up article will show how Lead Magnets can attract prospects through paid traffic.

Yours for a flow of qualified prospects leading to more of your desired clients,

Shirley Hanson
Co-Author, “Marketing Power for Financial Advisors”

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