Your Marketing Plan Starts Here

It’s As If You’re Reading Your Prospect’s Or Client’s Mind

Here’s your 3-Step Audience-Attracting Pathway to competitive advantage and growth.

It takes advantage of what’s been called a “new science.”

And we’re ready to begin our journey to discover how to put these findings from 8 years of years of new marketing research into action.

Step 1 – Everything begins with these three words: Know Your Audience!

This is your rock-bottom foundation . . . it’s where your financial advisor marketing plan starts.

It doesn’t matter that you’ve honed your message, developed a killer Unique Positioning Statement, or have a vigorous social media strategy. If you have misidentified your audience or misjudged what they care about, your marketing will let you down.

Who is your audience? Be specific . . . and be smart.

Millennials, for example, is much too broad. Bryan Melmed of Exponential presented his team’s data analysis of 4 million Millennials. The team separated Millennials into 12 groups. . . Boss Babes, Brogrammers, Underemployed, and 9 more.

Here’s another approach: the financial firm oXYGEN divides Generation X and Y into three audiences with common concerns and desires: a family, an individual, and an entrepreneur. This simpler approach gets results for this flourishing firm.

And, yes, you can have more than one target audience, but treat each one uniquely.

For the next step in your Audience-Attracting Pathway . . .

Step 2 – The Ultimate Question you must answer is: What does my audience want from me?

And here are effective ways to find out. No one has said it better than our mentor, the late great Gary Halbert:

“Research is a cheap way to make sure you’ll hit the right nerve.”

Introducing “The New Science of Customer Emotions: A Better way to Drive Growth and Profitability”

The “New Science” identifies and measures feelings that drive customer behavior.  This fascinating article in the Harvard Business Review of November 2015:

  •  presents customer (or client) emotions defined by research,
  •  reveals how to connect with them, and
  •  shows the results.

Enter “High-Impact Motivators.”

Through their research Scott Magids, Alan Zorfas, and Daniel Leemon assembled a list of 300 emotions. From this list they identified 10 “High-Impact Motivators.”

For advisors, this is a promising place to start. Your clients, for example, may be inspired by motivators such as these four from the top 10:

Have confidence in the future: Perceive the future as better than the past; have a positive mental picture of what’s to come.”

Enjoy a sense of well-being: Feel that life measures up to expectations and that balance has been achieved; achieve a stress-free state without conflicts or threats.”

Feel a sense of freedom: Act independently, without obligations or restrictions.”

“Feel secure: Believe that what they have today will be there tomorrow; pursue goals and dreams without worry.”

The full list and the article in the Harvard Business Review is HERE

How can you benefit from the “new science?” Can you call on likely motivators and see growth?

A Word of Caution: Beware of making assumptions about your target audience.

We repeat Gary Halbert’s maxim here, “Research is a cheap way to make sure you’ll hit the right nerve.”

A scientifically developed list of “High-Impact Motivators” won’t matter if they don’t reflect your target audience’s feelings.

Here’s what’s next in your Audience-Attracting Pathway.

Step 3 – Conduct Research The Easy And Informative Way: Just Ask

Talk to your clients, the ones you truly enjoy, the ones you would like to duplicate.

Have a list of questions ready. You can ask either in a well-organized phone survey or in an in-person conversation, perhaps at the end of a scheduled face-to-face meeting.

Questions in the Sample Survey Process we developed include:

– In terms of what you think about when it comes to your finances and the way they are handled, what keeps you awake at night or would keep you awake at night?

– What are your top 3 daily frustrations?

– What are you afraid of?

– What do you sincerely desire most?

By asking questions like these, financial advisors zoom in on the feelings that motivate their clients and prospects.

Also, ask selected questions of your Advisory Group (if you have one) to uncover their feelings. Many advisors get powerful input from Advisory Groups.

And just one more thing . . .

The late Jay Conrad Levinson of Guerrilla Marketing reminds us:

“Twice as many people buy to prevent loss than out of a desire for gain.
For each person who wants more possibility, two want prevention and preservation.”

And that’s why to answer the question what does your target audience want from you, we season our survey questions with pain points as well as ask about desires and positive motivators.

What can you do with the “new science?” What can you do with your research?

Simply, you’ll discover and connect with emotions that truly count to gain more of your ideal clients.

I’d love to hear where this 3-Step Audience-Attracting Pathway leads you.

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