Financial Advisors, Introductions Without Really Trying

In our 1,000+ interviews over years, the majority of financial advisors cite referrals as a good source of new clients.

Yet, most feel as if they should be doing more.

Or they may say that introductions from past referral sources and current clients have fallen off in recent years.

What is a key difference between those attracting referrals now and those struggling with this potential source of new business?

It comes down to this: a Referral System.

To be clear, we do not mean a referral system where you work from a script and constantly badger your best clients to refer all of their friends.

No! That is a far cry from the way successful advisors describe their own systems.

Let me offer two examples, both working like gangbusters, at both ends of the spectrum.

One advisor takes his “A and B” clients out to lunch on their birthday and invites them to bring a good friend. No fancy scripts, and often no conversation about business at the lunch. But many introductions . . . and a flow of new clients.

Another advisor cultivates his list of top ten business contacts, who also happen to market and sell to customers who look a lot like the advisor’s ideal client profile.

This marketing channel yields co-marketing events for an average of 20 attendees per event, at an incredible all-in cost of less than $10 per prospect.

So whether you prefer a simple, straightforward way of meeting new prospects, a highly evolved channel marketing strategy, or somewhere in between, you, too, can get introductions to highly qualified prospects each and every month.

Now you can have this referrals system . . .

It’s the same system that enabled a small little-known firm — shackled by a tiny budget in a field of big-name, big-budget corporations — to grow fourfold in 36 months.

You will find it in my new “checklist” for advisory firms.

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Yours for more production and income in 2015 and beyond!

Bob Hanson

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