How To Build Unstoppable Growth in 2016

By Shirley Hanson

Like many financial advisors you would like to see significant growth in 2016.

But you may not be sure which opportunities to tune into to take you there.

Or you may feel that you are missing out on key approaches that will make all the difference.

Here we’ve gathered for you from gurus, mentors, and our experience 7 diverse approaches to growth.

And we invite you to take this vital step first.

Just Give “Yes, And” A Try

“The easiest thing is to explain why it (the idea) isn’t going to work . . . .

“The magic is in the yes, and.

“So here’s the challenge:  As an exercise — as a discipline — try something different. Try starting off your response literally with the words, “Yes, and” (or yes with a bit of elaboration, then quickly, the word and).”

– Andy Boynton and Bill Fisher in Forbes, “Four Big Lessons from Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey and Other Improv Masters”

Good, now you’re ready for the Approaches to Growth that come next . . .

1 – Call on Your Strengths and Strengthen your Strengths

“The one and only place to start is with you. Instead of trying unsuccessfully to fix your weaknesses, begin with what you do well.  That becomes your emotional foundation.  And that’s how you’ll inject real power into your marketing strategies and tactics.”

– Bob Hanson and Shirley Hanson in Marketing Power for Financial Advisors

Marci Smith’s Add-On:
“The first thing each morning focus on your strength. Do this by writing a sentence about yourself — an ability or quality that you appreciate.  Try to write something different for each day and know it is okay to repeat the sentence when you absolutely run out of ideas.”

Executive Coach Marci Smith   More from Marci is HERE

2 – Achieve Greater Happiness by Unleashing Your “Signature Strengths”

Signature strengths are those character strengths that are most essential to who we are.  Curiosity, love of learning, persistence, and appreciation are examples.

The good life consists in deriving happiness by using your signature strengths every day in the main realms of living.”
– Martin Seligman, a pioneer of Positive Psychology

You can zoom in on your top strengths and, in addition, find out how to improve the fit between your strengths and your job.  The quick one-page summary is HERE.

Now you’re ready to gain marketing leverage by turning to the business-building tips, tactics, and strategies you see here.

They may galvanize you in 2016 to arrive at your best year ever for your financial advisory practice . . .

3 – Take Full Advantage of Your Investment in Technology

As more firms have established their back-office technologies, and as consumer technology trends continue to come to the fore, advisors are shifting their focus to improve client experiences.”

– “The Rise of the Digital Adviser” by INResearch and ORANJ

 4 – Consider Charging for the Client’s Value

“If clients pay you only for investments, then they will consider alternatives. If you don’t charge for the financial guidance, then they can simply take your advice but only pay you for what you manage, even if it’s only half their money.  In order to thrive you must charge for and deliver guidance on a client’s entire financial life choices.”

– Joe Duran, CEO and founding partner of United Capital

 5 – Invest in Your Marketing Plan

“I strongly suspect we’ll find a dramatic gap between the firms that proactively invested into a marketing plan at this transition point, and those who continued to rely solely on passive referrals from existing clients . . . .”

– Michael Kitces, Financial Planning guru and educator

My Add-On:  Your 7 Steps to profit from your marketing plan are HERE

  6 – Activate A Profitable Social Media Strategy

“If you are going to be drawn into the ever-expanding morass of social media (and it is extremely unlikely you won’t be), then you need to insist it repay all the attention, time, and money you invest in it.”
– Dan Kennedy in the NO B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing

The Add-On from Russ Henneberry, Editorial Director of Digital Marketer:  “Business owners and executives only care about revenues and cost.”

Unleash results with these 7 Specific Steps to “Maximize Results From Your Social Media Marketing Plan.” Your social media marketing plan is HERE

7 – Ignite the Power of Content Marketing

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.”
– Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, and marketing wizard

Content Marketing is HOT because it works.

“Simply, content marketing is a marketing technique that involves creating and sharing content to attract, educate, and engage a carefully selected audience.  It’s ultimate purpose is to prompt a response.
– Bob Hanson

Your “6 Content Marketing Must-Haves for Financial Advisors’ Success” are HERE

Give “Yes, And” A Try

We invite you to select at least one of the “approaches to Growth” from the 7 above and respond with “Yes, and.” Then, adapt the approach or approaches, to your practice and follow through. You may just propel your practice into your best year ever!
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