Scarcity Or Abundance? How Your Mindset Shapes The Future Of Your Financial Advisory Firm

by Shirley Hanson The Challenge: “The challenge is that, just as with clients, an excessive fear of scarcity . . . can actually lead to outcomes that can result in scarcity.” – Michael Kitces in his blog post “Financial Planning and Building an Advisory Firm with an Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset.” In Contrast: When a […]

Marketing Plan for Financial Advisors: Sustained Growth

“Let the good times roll.”  But will they continue? About 3/4 of financial advisory firms experienced “significant growth” in 2013 and are optimistic for “good growth” continuing through 2014. Yet . . . Only 1/3 of the firms experiencing “significant growth” will achieve sustainable growth, according to the “Growth by Design 2014 FA Insight Study” […]

When Influencers and Niches Collide, Good Things Tend to Happen

By Bob Hanson, copyright 2014 In our last article, we talked about the strategies advisors use with Centers of Influence (COIs) to drive practice growth. For example, one new advisor marketed through THE media company in his market and pulled in an impressive 36 million in assets under management in a little over 18 months. […]

For Financial Advisors, Why Is Your Marketing Not Working?

by Bob Hanson You may be wondering why traditional advisor marketing strategies such as public seminars, cold calling, or COI or client referrals are not working for you the way they have in the past. You may be dabbling in social media, search marketing. or just launched a new website, but not getting the results […]

Financial Advisors, How To Stand Out Like A WInner

You may be a new advisor who wants to attract clients. Or you may have recently moved from a wirehouse to become an independent advisor and want to jump start your marketing. Or you may have relocated, and you would like to gain momentum in your new location. Today’s article is for you. We combed […]

Avoid “Plain Vanilla” Advisor Marketing: 3 Steps to Cut through the Information Clutter and Grow Your Practice by Leaps and Bounds

Here are three steps every independent advisor must take to abolish the practice of “me-too” or plain vanilla marketing and multiply their new prospect flow without cold calls. Remember, if your proposed tactic, message, or media seems as if it would work for any advisor with any prospect with money, it is likely to fail. […]

Financial Advisors, Will Marketing Be Your Next Ten Bagger?

by Bob Hanson The rising tide of the bull market has helped many advisors increase their income by $100,000 or more. But, as we know, trees don’t grow to the sky. A bear market could take away 2 to 4 years of income growth for many. Coupled with a loss of a big client or […]

6 Ways Mindfulness Can Improve Results For Your Financial Advisory Practice

By Shirley Hanson Mindfulness is Mainstream The Harvard Business Review (HBR) published a major article on “Mindfulness in the Age of Complexity.” Google and more than 20 CEOs of technology firms sought the wisdom of 87-year-old Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn. Why? For the Harvard Business Review the answer is “to reduce stress, unlock […]

What Works For Financial Advisor Newsletters

By Bob Hanson Recently, we were engaged by a large RIA to write its newsletters. Another independent advisor, writing his newsletter himself, wanted tips to do them right. Here we share our experience from the 1,000+ newsletters and articles we’ve written for advisors and others and from our Client Attraction and other email series over […]

Financial Advisors, 5 Ways What You Stand For Can Help You Stand Out

My work with Webb Financial included listening to Connie and Jim Webb and then communicating their values to separate their firm from the crowd of look-alike financial advisory firms. This article is a tribute to our treasured client James Kent Webb, who passed away on May 23. In reflecting on Jim’s story and Webb Financial’s […]